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150+ organizations

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Our opinion

“We know that the Best Value approach enables supply chains to deliver higher performance at lower costs. With the increasing popularity in Europe, the Best Value approach is sometimes misunderstood which causes increasing complexity.

As licensed, certified and accepted trainers in the Best Value approach, it is our goal to help organizations to easily apply ‘Best Value’ as a new approach for collaboration through the supply chain, resulting in better performance at lower costs, higher profit margins and less stress. “

Our expertise

“Best Value Experts Academy is the platform for finding experienced Best Value trainers/consultants and get certified in the Best Value approach.”

“Our Best Value Experts combined have gained a significant amount of experience in more than 280 projects in different sectors and sectors. ”


“In recent years, more than 150 companies and organizations have appealed to the knowledge and expertise of Best Value Experts.”

Best Value Experts

Anneke van Abeelen
Niels Verlaan
Hans Olav Omnes
Daniëla Verheul
Wim de Vries