tips to win tenders

6 steps to get higher bid scores

“Think before you start” is an invitation to vendors to prepare themselves better before applying to a (Best Value) tender. Know what your strengths are, be sure that you can substantiate this and identify what you are not good at. The result is a performance-oriented organization that gets higher scores in tenders. Below we briefly […]

Fact-based purchasing

Developments in technology and information systems increasingly focus on eliminating thinking and the associated decision-making (fact-based). Mobile phones can increasingly take over tasks from our memory and thinking processes. Robotics, for example, not only increasingly take over repetitive tasks from humans, but can even perceive the environment and, based on these observations, make independent choices […]

Co-creation: purchasing offers added value

One of the most important purchasing trends for 2019 is co-creation. Because tomorrow’s purchasing is about more than just lowering prices. Or securing goods and limiting risks. Modern purchasing’ focuses on creating added value for the organisation. Co-creation is about the joint development and delivery of products, services or systems.  With the combined efforts of […]

Supplier performance versus the Trojan horse paradigm

What does the Trojan Horse Paradigm have to do with supplier performance? When starting a tender for the first time, there is a good chance that you will find something that will not result in the best supplier performance. A fearful and hostile attitude of the project team… All the suppliers are bad and are […]

Doing a new tender differently

Does the contract with the supplier you’re not particularly satisfied with expire? And that’s the reason why you’re squabbling with the question of how you’re going to do the new tender differently? Didn’t the last project go as planned? Do you want a different result this time? There’s no such thing as the perfect tender […]

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