B Certification

You can start immediately with this 100% digital Best Value Basic training. In 2 hours, you will learn about the most important principles of Best Value and the practical application of the Best Value Approach, at your own pace, when and wherever you want. It is the first step in the introduction to Best Value. The training consists of different learning modules with short videos of 3-4 minutes each. This is the only online B-certification in Europe that deals with both vendor and client perspective.

B+ Certification

This Best Value Masterclass – B+ training focusses on the philosophy as the basis of Best Value (IMT) as well as Best Value application. In 2 days you will learn in an interactive way about IMT and how to work with the tools and templates of the Best Value Approach. Every day ends with an official Best Value B+ exam. Over 95% of the participants succeeds at this exam at the first attempt. The Masterclass is a logical follow up to the Basic training (B) and leads to the internationally recognized B+ certificate.

A Certification

Maybe you already have obtained a Best Value B(+)-certificate and ran one or more Best Value projects. Then you are ready for the next level in Best Value education, the A-certificate. This intensive training helps you to develop yourself further and acquire the A certificate. Step-by-step you go through the phases of a Best Value project you are currently working on. You learn to apply Best Value in your own project and business. You will write an article about your observations and reflections and you will present this article to the Best Value Certification Board. Reflection, intervision and coaching by the trainers are key elements in this training. An important added value of this training is the fact that during the training you professionalize your current Best Value project.