200 + Best Value Sales programs

ran, average hitrate 75%+ over last 5 years. This is 2 x higher than market average.

50 + times clarification phase

ran, 100% lead to contract

8 + years A+ certified and licenced

coaches who are proven Best Value Experts

Coaching of vendors

in selection, clarification, execution phase

If it is your first Best Value tender, or even have you bidded on more Best Value tenders before, utilising Best Value expertise leads to the best result.

  • High quality proposal documents and interviews
  • Guaranteed actual insights in Best Value application
  • Best Value Expert (A+) trainers, under license of Arizona State University
  • Proven and efficient coaching process

When consultancy?

Best Value is all about finding the expert that has shown to contribute best to client’s goals for the lowest possible cost. This sounds simple. In practice we see vendors having a hard time to dominantly demonstrate their expertise, using performance metrics.

Let us help you to draw an expert plan, using simple performance claims, strong risk assessment items and appealing value adds, supported by the right verifiable performance information.

Where does it lead to?

  • Quality documents that demonstrate your expertise in the submittal
  • Key personnel that perform well in the interviews
  • Transparency and clarity in clarification and execution phase, leading to less surprises and less stress

For whom?

For organisations that are facing Best Value tenders or for those who want to improve or simplify their bidding process. We work in various industries: information technology, construction, infrastructure, facility management, health care, insurance, education etc.

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