Free Video Best Value Basic principles

Introduction to Best Value for suppliers and contractors

Your introduction to Best Value and the digital training format of the Best Value Basic Training – B certificate. In videos of approximately 4 minutes you will learn about the most important principles of Best Value. And the difference between Best Value and the traditional way of working together as supplier and contractor.

Discover how easy it is to take the 100% digital Best Value training and how it enables both clients and vendors to acquire the relevant basic knowledge. Experience the pleasure of learning at your own pace and at any moment you wish.

  • Developed by Best Value Experts (A+) trainers, licensed by Arizona State University
  • Tailored to the European application of Best Value
  • Start immediately after registration, when and where you want
  • Register now for the Best Value Basic training to obtain the B certificate

This free introduction video is available for everyone looking for a short high quality Best Value B-training and is suitable for vendors as well as contractors.